The Many Services Provide by an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor Around Allentown

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Allergies

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An ear, nose, and Throat Doctor Around Allentown can help patients suffering from conditions affecting these areas of the body. Chronic ear infections, frequent episodes of swollen tonsils, and painfully congested sinus passages are just a few examples of disorders treated by these physicians.

Common Pediatric Illnesses

In children, the problems of frequent ear infections and tonsillitis often gradually disappear. In the meantime, bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics. Viruses causing sore throats have to run their course, but the child will benefit from pain-relief medicine and numbing agents that can be swallowed.

Doctors at a clinic such as Allen ENT may recommend placing ear tubes for pediatric patients, which helps prevent blockages and infections. Decades ago, the removal of tonsils was almost a routine operation, but a Throat Doctor Around Allentown is unlikely to recommend this now except in relatively extreme cases.

Chronic Sinus Disease

Chronic sinus issues may affect adults and cause all sorts of problems. A nose that is congested nearly all the time, facial pain, and headaches are common symptoms of sinus disease. When the sinuses cannot drain fluid through the nose, the discharge tends to drain down the throat. This can cause frequent coughing and throat discomfort. Some patients experience episodes of nausea and heartburn because so much sinus discharge travels down the esophagus and irritates the stomach. Sinus surgery may be necessary to resolve these issues.

Sinus Surgery

Sinus surgery causes significant discomfort after the procedure is complete, but patients can take prescription or over-the-counter medication to reduce the pain. By the time patients decide to have this type of operation, they usually don’t care about pain that dissipates over a week or so because they are so eager to have the ongoing condition successfully treated.

Other Treatments

Ear, nose, and throat doctors also perform thyroid surgery when medication is not effective enough and the patient is dealing with troubling symptoms that decrease their quality of life. Treatment of sleep apnea is another service offered at a clinic like the one shown at website. These patients are able to sleep soundly again, perhaps for the first time in years.

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