Your Questions Answered About Primary Care For Allergies And Reducing Allergy Symptoms

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Allergies

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Allergy issues may cause you to feel sick and this can often interfere with daily activities. When you learn how to control your allergies, you won’t have to stop doing the things you love. Read the questions and answers below to learn the steps you can take to feel better and discover the importance of primary care for allergies from a qualified allergist in Louisville KY.

Q.) What causes allergies to get worse as the weather warms up in the spring?

A.) When the grass begins to grow and the trees start to bloom, this causes an excessive amount of pollen to float through the air. You may also notice an increase of allergy symptoms in the fall if you’re allergic to certain weeds, such as ragweed and sagebrush. If you’re allergic to these microscopic substances, you may sneeze, have a runny nose or watery eyes. Pollen causes the mucous membranes inside of the nose to become inflamed and the result is irritating allergy symptoms.

Q.) What can be done to help reduce allergy symptoms?

A.) Even when there is an abundance of pollen in the air, you can still get your allergy symptoms under control. Keep the windows closed during the day and turn on the air conditioner to stay cool. Lessen the amount of time that you spend outside, especially in the late morning and early afternoon hours. If you must be outside during these times, wear a mask over your nose and mouth to filter out the pollen. If you have trouble sleeping at night, take a shower and wash your hair before going to bed. Pollen that’s on your skin and in your hair can make your allergies flare up while you’re trying to sleep. Make an appointment with a certified allergist in Louisville KY that specializes in primary care for allergies. An allergist can find out the specific allergens that are making you sick and prescribe a treatment plan to keep your allergies under control.

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