Relieving Symptoms Of Hayfever in Elizabethtown KY

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Allergies

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When someone suffers from Hayfever in Elizabethtown KY, it is likely they will want to take steps in stopping symptoms from occurring. There are a few steps that can be taken to help in reducing the symptoms of seasonal allergies when they flare up. Here are some points to consider.

Try To Stay Away From Triggers

When allergies flare up, it is a good idea to avoid going near the plants that cause the symptoms to occur. Many people find that staying indoors during times of high allergic reactions can be beneficial. Using air conditioning can also be helpful in hotter weather as the filter in the unit will help to remove allergens from the air before it is dispersed into a home or office.

Know How To Relieve Congestion

When congestion becomes a problem, finding quick relief will be desired. Running a hot shower and then going into the bathroom for several minutes while steam is accumulating can help in unclogging stuffy noses. Putting the head over a pot of boiling water will give similar relief.

An allergist will be able to prescribe medication to help with congestion if needed. Over-the-counter medications can also be tried to get relief quickly if necessary. It is important to be aware that these medications can cause drowsiness to occur, so it is best to use them when alertness is not necessary.

Keep The Home Clean

The home should be cleaned regularly to help to keep allergic reactions at bay. This will remove dust, mold spores, tree pollen, and other contaminants so they do not cause symptoms to arise. If the person who suffers from hayfever also suffers from allergic reactions from dust, they can call on a cleaning service to keep the home free of triggers. The service can use green products to minimize the chance of an allergic reaction as well.

When there is a desire to find out more about how to relieve the symptoms of Hayfever in Elizabethtown KY, seeing an allergist as an option. Schedule an appointment today to find out more about allergies and to discuss options available in minimizing discomfort.

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