Accuracy in Sun Care Testing

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Analytical & Clinical Research

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Consumers are more educated than ever about the risks of sun exposure. Without a doubt, this has come about as more people than ever learn about how to protect themselves from risks. And, of course, with this heightened understanding of these risks, there are more consumers than ever demanding information and insight into the solutions for minimizing sun related risks. This is where sun care testing comes into play. It is growing in importance for organizations to test their products carefully and thoroughly before making claims about just how effective any single product is.

How Are Products Tested?

The whole goal of any type of sun care testing is to understand just how accurate any type of rating or recommendation for a product is. It goes without saying that not all products are the same. Different formulations can create different outcomes. In order for any test to be worthwhile, it must be done in the most intense environment. The right tools and equipment must be used. And, the grader, or the person who is conducting the test, cannot know what the product is. He or she also cannot know what the desired rating is. It is only in these situations that it is possible to gather very accurate information.

In addition, FDA testing also comes into play with some products. The FDA sets very specific procedural steps. It has established regulations and protocols that must be met. Without these steps, the product does not meet compliance requirements.

When it comes to sun care testing, accuracy is the ultimate requirement. In order for this to happen, any organization must consider the lab they use and how well equipped it is to handle even the most intense environment. Take a closer look at the testing services available to find one that ensures accuracy.

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