How to Choose the Best Memory Care Services

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Senior Health

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Memory care is advancing at a rapid pace, keeping up with emerging research from neuroscience, cognitive science, and psychology. As we learn more about the brain and how to maintain its optimal functioning during the aging process, we realize that there are things we can do to ensure a high quality of life for seniors in Teaneck NJ.

A relative newcomer to senior care, memory care consists of a comprehensive program designed to slow cognitive decline and improve psychological functioning, while also keeping seniors safe. Interventions include nutrition, exercise, mental activities or games, and also social interaction.

Seniors with mild cognitive impairment need regular stimulation to slow the progress of their condition. The best in memory care will be an option that allows seniors to live at home, but to spend the majority of their time during the day staying as mentally and physically active as possible.

Whereas it was not always possible to envision a solution for elders who have relatively healthy physical capacities but have mild cognitive impairments, now there are day care facilities that offer just that. Regency Memory Care Club is designed to help seniors with dementia or cognitive impairment without requiring them to live on premises.

Know what to look for when picking the best senior care options. You want a facility that offers an abundance of activities. Variety keeps a mind active and as healthy as possible. The last thing your loved one needs is to sit around and watch television all day. Eating healthy meals, walking around, and playing games with other people are all part of a lifestyle conducive to good mood and enhanced cognitive functioning.

Seniors in Teaneck NJ have better options than ever before because of innovative solutions for cognitive impairment and dementia. Choosing the best memory care means being honest with yourself, your loved ones, and your healthcare team. Ask your doctor if memory care is the best option for your loved one.

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