Choosing the Right Dog Boarding Services In Chicago

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Pet Boarding

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For many pet owners, dogs are family members. In fact, they’re often the most popular family members! At Chicago Canine Academy, the team specializes in training and caring for your family’s most popular personality. With over two decades of experience training dogs, the director Jim Morgan knows how to simplify the communication between pets and their owners. Whether the issue is convincing your dog to come when called or your canine needs some guidance with aggressive behavior, Chicago Canine Academy can help them to become better canine citizens. It isn’t always easy to find dog boarding in Chicago that allows both you and your pet to relax while you’re away.

This Chicago dog boarding company offers pets the ability to get out some energy while their owners are at work. If dogs want to run around outside for up to six hours, they can! Those who enjoy the company of other canines will be permitted to spend time with friends, while dogs that aren’t so socialized will be allowed to spend time in their own dog run while they are supervised by caring attendants. The staff pays close and careful attention to each dog, observing them during their visits and helping them to stay comfortable. They’re excellent at staying on top of medication needs, as well as the regular feeding schedules. Dogs are always given access to clean and fresh water, allowing them to stay hydrated throughout the day.

For dog owners who truly prioritize their pets’ happiness, Chicago Canine Academy provides an extraordinary level of service. And for those who are serious about eliminating bad habits from their pets’ behavior and encouraging them to be their best, this team is committed to using positive reinforcement, creating a happier situation for everyone. With care and compassion, dogs can reach their true potential.

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