How to Prepare a Pup for Enrolling in Dog Day Care in Omaha, NE

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Pet Boarding

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No pet owners want to worry about his or her dog being lonely, scared, or bored while they’re away at work. Thankfully, Dog Day Care in Omaha NE provides a much better option.

Although most dogs love daycare, it can take some getting used to for pups who have never been before. Read on to find out how to prepare furry friends for attending daycare so they will have a good time.

Prepare Medical Paperwork

A good Dog Day Care in Omaha NE will ask its clients for proof of their dogs’ vaccinations ahead of time. The facility’s employees will also need to know if the pet has been spayed or neutered and, if so, how old the animal was when he or she underwent the procedure.

Take Care of Fleas and Ticks

While there’s no way for daycare facilities to check to ensure that the dogs in their care have received preventative flea and tick treatments, they expect their clients to be treated for these common pests. If the pup isn’t already getting routine flea baths, taking medication, or on another kind of preventative care regimen, get started on one before his or her first day at daycare.

Prepare for an Evaluation

Most dog daycares perform initial intake evaluations as soon as new dogs come into their care. They do so in order to learn about the pets and find out whether they’re crate trained, if they have problems with other dogs, and what their temperaments are like. Prepare the animal for daycare in advance by enrolling him or her in a training course.

Ask What’s Included

Find out what comes included with the daycare package. Some facilities offer a la carte walks, meals, and open play, while others include everything needed to keep the dogs entertained in the daily fee. Pet owners should clarify what’s included in advance to make sure that their furry friends will have all of their needs met while they’re away.

Visit the Facility

Schedule a visit to the facility in advance to meet the staff and get a better idea of what to expect. Not sure what facility to trust with a beloved family friend’s health and happiness? Check out Cottonwood Pet Resort online and get in touch to schedule a visit to see why so many dog owners choose this impressive dog resort.

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