Why Should You Consider Cat Dental Care in Tempe, AZ?

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Pet Boarding

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Most cat owners consider their cats to be a part of their families. While cats may not be as actively affectionate and attention-seeking as dogs are, they will show their care in their way, such as purring or bringing you a dead bird while you sleep. Cats, similar to their wild counterparts, are primarily carnivorous creatures. This means that they need their teeth to eat their food properly, whether it came in a can or from a bag of food. It is important to understand cat dental care so that you can know what your cat needs regarding its dental health.

What Does a Cat’s Dental Care Involve?

As with all other creatures that have teeth, cats will need specific dental care in order to properly take care of their teeth. Cat dental care in Tempe, AZ is somewhat similar to a dog’s dental care, but there are many differences. Domesticated cats typically have much smaller heads than dogs. This means that their jaws and subsequently their teeth are also smaller. A vet who specializes in cat dental care knows how to work with a smaller mouth of a smaller animal, which is not only better for them but the cat as well. Cats don’t particularly understand the need for cat dental care and will probably not be very happy about having a stranger root around inside their mouths. In some cases, the cat will need to be sedated to continue the dental care, but that will be discussed with beforehand with the vet.

Why Should You Consider Getting Dental Care for Your Pet?

Your pet needs dental care just as much as you do. While cats may not be able to articulate what could be wrong with their teeth, you can articulate that for them when you talk to the vet. Vets don’t want animals to be uncomfortable because of a buildup of tartar and other dental issues that could come up if you don’t invest in regular cat dental care. You can find more information by talking to your vet about dental care and what it will involve for your cat.

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