A Variety of Options for Puppy Care in Zip Code78258

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Pet Boarding

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The time and energy spend attempting to groom a puppy is usually a wasted effort that leaves owners soaked, tired, frustrated, and accomplishing nothing. Puppies are quick, always want to play, and will not sit still, which makes bathing next to impossible. There is no need to put the puppy, or yourself, through that ordeal when there are great options for Puppy Care in zip code 78258.

An Affordable Package

Basic spa and grooming services are included in a puppy package for pups up to four or six months old. It consists of a bath and blow dry, trimming and filing of the nails, and a trim of the face and feet. Professional groomers have the equipment, the spacious and deep tub, and the techniques that make grooming much easier than using a kiddie pool out on the deck. Paying an affordable price to have the puppy clean and trimmed is well worth it.


All pets are required to have updated vaccinations for rabies, parvo, and distemper before receiving spa services. This is for the safety of each pet and all groomers. Proof of vaccinations is needed from the owner before the puppy care in zip code 78258 can commence. There are zero exceptions, so be sure to have the information in hand at the time of the first spa appointment.

More Options

In addition to the package, a la carte services are offered to take of fleas and ticks, eliminate skunk odor when the puppy gets curious about that furry thing under the shed, and get rid of matted patches of fur tangled up in mud or porcupine quills. Mobile grooming services are an option, but owners will need to schedule appointments at least one month in advance to take advantage of this popular service.Transportation services are offered for owners with hectic schedules.


Services for boarding pets have recently been added. These are available in simple, select, and executive packages. Some grooming packages have been combined with boarding nights for convenience. Have everything done at the same time and pick up a pet that looks better than it did when you dropped him or her off. Contact iPaw Pet Corporation to schedule services or visit the website for pricing and details of all options.

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