Tips From a Reputable Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Health

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Tips for everyday life can help prevent severe allergies, especially for people who know they are susceptible to specific allergens. For instance, allergy sufferers should keep their windows and doors closed during high pollen count days. Here are some other things to keep in mind before seeing an allergy doctor in Louisville KY.

Tips to help you stay happy

Pollen filters in air conditioning systems can be handy with sufficient capacity. It is important to regularly maintain the system, as filters can get clogged very easily during certain parts of the year. If the system has a defective part, it could allow more allergens to be blown into the home.

When it comes to household cleaning, cleaning with a damp cloth should be given preference. Vacuuming is only recommended if the vacuum has the appropriate filters and technical equipment. When driving, car windows should remain closed. It makes sense to have a pollen filter installed in the indoor air supply.

It is significant to avoid bringing pollen into the bedroom – so change and store daytime clothing outside the bedroom, and keep the bedroom closed during the day. Take a shower and wash your hair at bedtime to wash away any pollen.

Sports or other outdoor physical exertions should be avoided at the time of the highest pollen count. An allergy doctor in Louisville KY can provide more tips.

Planning Trips

When planning a vacation within the country, you can try to beat the pollen count by using the information below.

In the Northern US, grass, trees, and crops generally bloom later than in Central and Southern states. Coastal areas are recommended when predominantly sea breezes prevail. In the US, most coastal regions are classified as low pollen areas due to their geographical position (large water areas have fewer trees and more predominant winds).

A low grass and pollen load can be found near the coasts. The same applies to offshore islands. Do not make the mistake of planning your next vacation to an area with a high pollen count before doing some homework first. Most weather apps and local news stations will have a pollen alert posted somewhere. Schedule an appointment to learn more.

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