The Benefits of Inpatient Rehabilitation Treatment

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Drug Addiction Treatment

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While outpatient programs can provide medical support during detox and recovery and of course both emotional and psychological support during daytime hours, they can never meet the success rate or provide all the benefits that inpatient programs do. Inpatient programs offer their clients very little unstructured time, which not only leaves little time to think about where and how you could find your drug of choice, but to even think about drugs at all. The less time you have to think about drugs while you are in Los Angeles rehab centers, the less likely you are to relapse.

You will have no Access to Drugs

Since you are inpatient that means that you will be under constant supervision and must remain within the confines of the facility 24/7 unless you are on a supervised outing. If you were in an outpatient rehabilitation program, your relapse risk is much higher due to the fact that you do return to your home every night and are in close proximity to where drugs are easily obtained. Also as an addict in an inpatient facility, you’ll be surrounded by professional support day and night which is vitally important during those early days of your recovery, particularly during withdrawal.

Individualized Multiple Therapy Options

Most rehabilitation centers will not only tailor a treatment program for your individualized needs, but will also offer a variety of therapy options. These can include anything from traditional counseling sessions, to holistic healing, meditation, massage therapy, yoga, and more. Typically there will also be a gym and exercise programs with an emphasis on nutrition and a healthy diet. At they can offer you a number of rehabilitation settings in the Los Angeles area with more than enough treatment options to start you on your road to recovery.

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