A Nose “Job” Is Not Just for Looks!

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Cosmetic Surgery

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When most people hear “Rhinoplasty in Chicago” the first thing that comes to mind is that someone is having surgery to improve the look of their nose. While it is true that rhinoplasty in Chicago is often used as a way to reshape the nose, remove bridge bumps, reduce a bulbous look and refine the nose, there is more to it than meets the eye. A nose job can also be used to help you to breathe easier.


A nose that is misshapen, has too small nostrils, has been broken, damaged or is the results of a cleft palette surgery as a child can impair your breathing. Many people do not even realize that their breathing can be greatly improved by “fixing” their nose.  When your nasal passages are compromised from damage or because of a birth defect you can struggle to get the air through your nasal passage.  Rhinoplasty can correct it!

A Good Surgeon

The right surgeon can perform that surgery, give you a look that you will love and help too free up your nasal passages. A good surgeon can easily:

   *   Reshape your nose

   *   Give you an amazing profile

   *   Restore your confidence

   *   Make it easier to breath

A good surgeon will give you a natural looking nose that is built to suit your face.  You can have your nose reshaped by an expert that understands that your nose should look like your nose but better! The right surgeon will put your good health first and foremost and provide you with advice based on furthering your good health.

You can have your confidence restored in the way you look and feel. Of course it will also be easier to breath!

Get the results you want with the patient focused care at Chicagoland Aesthetics!

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