What Is Family Therapy?

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Health

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Family therapy focuses on reducing stress, distress and conflict between members of a family; it does so by improving the way in which family members interact with one another. Because of the unique involvement of the parties, therapists often prefer all family members to be in the same room at the same time. Family therapy in St Paul differs from individual counseling is the focus on patterns or systems within the family that need adjustment, not seeing problems as those residing in an individual.

In the context of “family therapy,” family is defined as anyone that plays a long term role in an individual’s life, it is not really necessary to be related by blood. There are numerous reasons why people seek family therapy in St Paul.

* A family member struggling with addiction, medical or mental health issues
* A trauma that affects the family; relocating to a new city for example
* Unexpected or traumatic loss of a family member
* Adjusting to a new member of the family by birth or adoption
* Family problems such as violence, divorce or parental conflict

Positive outcomes of family therapy:

Family therapy is a specialized area of psychotherapy, it is important to seek advice and counseling from a therapist that has the training and qualifications that allow them to get involved in this area. A typical course of family therapy can be extremely beneficial on various levels.

* The development and maintenance of boundaries
* Fosters effective communication between family members
* Promotes problem solving based on an innate understanding of the other family members
* Builds understanding of the other person
* Reduces conflict within the family

The number of sessions that are required depends very much on the unique situation, the typical duration is anywhere from five to 20 sessions.

Family therapy in St Paul is useful for all family members; children adolescents and adults who are experiencing difficulties. To learn more you are invited to contact Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc.

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