Surprise, Arizona Area Chiropractic Specialists Incorporate New Therapies

by | Jun 15, 2022 | chiropractor

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According to a chiropractor in Surprise, AZ, a number of traditional therapies might not actually be effective in treating the underlying cause of pain in most patients. This kind of statement should prove quite shocking to a majority of those in the chiropractic profession, due to how so much of it has been based on traditions that stretch back to the 19th century.

Nevertheless, those who represent said professional chiropractor in Surprise, AZ aren’t taking back their statements. Rather, they’re putting forward a renewed plan that might better suit the needs of a majority of the kind of patients that normally come into their office. Though typical chiropractic manipulations have been shown to be effective in treating any number of maladies involving the musculoskeletal system, they’re not as useful when it comes to problems involving digestive or endocrine disorders. Some of these new treatments have worked much better when it comes to these conditions.

Nutrition response testing isn’t directly a chiropractic action, but it’s offered in some area offices. This innovative therapy will map someone’s diet to figure out why they’re suffering on a chemical basis. In some cases, this can be combined with more typical chiropractic adjustments in order to provide relief for problems like thyroid issues. They’ve also shown some promise to patients who are dealing with weight-related issues.

In these cases, chiropractic adjustments may help to alleviate the damage done to the joints by carrying extraneous adipose tissue. NRT techniques can then be used to help reduce the overall amount of said tissue over time.

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