Getting a DOT Physical near me in St. Louis for Your New Job

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Chiropractic

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When you apply for a job with the department of transportation in your state, you may need to prove you are capable of fulfilling the position’s physical demands. You may need to lift a certain amount of weight and have good muscle and bone strength to tolerate the stresses to which you will be exposed.

However, the hiring manager may not simply take your word for it that you are physically capable of handling the work. You may be required to undergo an examination like a dot physical near me before you can accept the job offer.

Ensuring Your Physical Capabilities

The examination you undergo may be able to prove you are capable of handling the physical stresses of the job you are about to undertake. You may need to be able to push and pull heavy machinery, lift heavy objects and walk over rough terrain without getting hurt. You must show you have the muscle and bone strength for such tasks.

The chiropractor you see for the physical can check out your bones and muscles. He or she can ensure you do not have any slipped discs or weak joints that can lead to you getting hurt at work and putting your employer at risk of a workers compensation claim.

A DOT physical near me can prove you are ready to take on the physical demands of your new job. You may avoid getting hurt and having to file a claim against your employer.

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