Contact Physicians in Levelland to Help You Regain Mobility with Physical Therapy

by | Mar 8, 2013 | Health

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A car accident, arthritis, bone conditions, old age – these are all factors that can result in poor mobility and if you visit physicians in Levelland, you could experience freedom once again. Limitations in mobility can really affect your quality of life and although you can get assistance from a care worker or family member, this is not an ideal long-term solution. Physicians in Levelland can provide physical therapy services and with these services you could experience a future without the use of a wheelchair, a walking stick or 24-hour care. To improve your walking ability, learn more about physicians in Levelland and the services they offer.

Areas of Functional Mobility

When you first meet with physicians in Levelland you will be asked a number of questions. These questions will relate to your current physical state and the answer to the questions will help the physician to determine which area of functional mobility is best for your situation. If you can only move around in bed then this will be called ‘bed mobility’ and the physician may have to visit your home to assist you. Another area of functional mobility is ‘transfers’ and this term is used if an individual requires help to move from one location to another. If your muscles are weak following an injury and you have difficulty walking, the physician will help with ‘ambulation’.

Levels of Assistance

When the areas of functional mobility have been determined, the physicians in Levelland will do their best to choose a level of assistance that will help you to regain mobility as quickly as possible. When the physician puts in 75 percent of the work and you put in 25 percent of the work, this is called ‘maximal assist’. When the work is split 50/50 this is known as ‘moderate assist’ and as your condition improves ‘minimal assist’ will be provided, which means that the doctor does 25 percent of the work and you do the other 75 percent. Other types of assist are ‘stand-by assist’, ‘contact guard assist’ and ‘independent’.

Finding a Physician

A physician in Levelland must be licensed to do their job; therefore it is essential that you devote time to find someone you can trust. Use the Internet and find a number of local physicians, before contacting each one directly. Does your insurance plan cover the services you require? Make sure you check this beforehand and find out if the physician is part of a professional medical association.


Your mobility will be evaluated by physicians in Levelland before they can determine a solution to the problem. In some cases, mobility problems may prevent you from leaving the house and in this case, a physician will visit you personally. Muscles will become weak when you are immobile, therefore a physician will need to help you regain this muscle strength.

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