Chemical Dependency Counselor El Paso TX

by | Mar 7, 2013 | Health

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Addiction counselors, who are also frequently known as alcohol and drug rehabilitation counselors, are professionals who work in hospitals, private clinics, social and community agencies, and substance abuse centers. These specialists provide prevention and recovery assistance to individuals along with their loved ones that suffer from any type addiction. Additionally, the chemical dependency counselor El Paso TX can offer help to indiviudals with behavioral problems including eating disorders and gambling.

Addiction counselors are highly trained to determine major issues and addictions. They will analyze patients thoroughly before devising a treatment plan suited for their individual needs. This is dependent on the individuals frequency of substance abuse and the type used. Quite frequently they will require additional information from the patient that enables them to determine if they are in need of other outside professional help. After the initial data is collected, in order to become admitted in a treatment program, the client will be required to submit consent forms.

The next step in the process is explaining to the client about the program and what it will involve. At this stage the total cost and requirements are discussed. For most people group therapy sessions are a part of the treatment plan, and these consist of therapies involving other patients. This gives the individual the chance to interact with others that are in the same situation, and helps them to realize they are not in it alone. The counselors will also communicate with the patient’s family or other loved ones to apprise them of the individual’s progress.

In addition to group therapies, counselors also will work with patients on an individual basis. This is usually done on an outpatient basis by appointment. The client will attend sessions for a specified number of weeks or until they feel enough progress has been made. The group discussions promote a friendly environment encouraging the participants to openly discuss their problems. This enables the client to feel more at ease around others who also have addiction problems.

Since there is always the possibility that the substance abuser could revert to their previous habits during the treatment process, the chemical dependency counselor El Paso TX will randomly perform drug analysis testing. When the patient has tested positive, the addiction center will likely change the treatment strategy for that particular person. Those who have severe addictions may be given treatments and therapies that are more aggressive. Additionally, specific prescription medications may also be utilized as part of their personalized plan.

Many agree there is also be a spiritual side to the chemical dependency problems mentioned above. The application of standard treatment therapies often does not provide a permanent cure to issues such as these. Another type of treatment often utilized is Christian faith-based and encourages the chemical dependent person to turn their faith toward Christ and His redemptive power for help. With caring love and support, Biblically-based counseling of this nature can direct a person toward the solution that leads them to freedom from their overpowering addiction.

Chemical Dependency Counselor El Paso TX – Chemical Dependency Counselor at University Behavioral Health of El Paso TX assist individuals and groups with their personal problems in order to help them become more self-sufficient.

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