Allergy Testing With a Skin Biopsy

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Allergies

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Allergies can cause discomfort in many ways. Breathing and respiratory problems, itching eyes, stomach discomfort and much more. Skin issues are a common problem with allergy sufferers. These can be minor issues like dry, itchy skin or occasional mild rashes. Or they can become severe like widespread rashes, chronic eczema or uncontrolled psoriasis.

One of the methods a dermatologist will use to determine the cause of skin disorders is a Skin Biopsy. This is one of the checklist of items that help doctors to narrow down what could be causing the discomfort the patient is feeling.

During a Skin Biopsy a small patch of skin is taken from the affected area to be tested for signs of illness. This can be something like psoriasis or it can be to eliminate other potential problems like skin cancer. This procedure will typically be performed when a rash is present and has not gone away with a normal course of treatment.

There are more than one type of biopsy which can be performed on the skin. Which one is used will depend on what layer of skin the doctor would like to inspect. A Shave biopsy will remove a piece of the top layer of the skin known as the epidermis. If a deeper sample is needed a punch biopsy or excisional biopsy will be performed. A punch will remove only a small sample, whereas a larger area of skin is tested with an excisional biopsy.

The results from these tests will make it possible for the doctor to begin treating the issue. If it is discovered to be a rash caused by an allergy, additional testing may be required to determine what the cause may be. This is often true even if the rash is able to be cleared up easily, because constant exposure to an allergen will only make the rash return.

Determining the cause of allergies can be a long process which will require a lot of patience. Anything can cause an allergy including common household chemicals or hygiene and beauty items. Common allergens in nature, like pollen, affect millions and food allergies, an increasing problem for many children can be severe. Understanding what your allergy is will be the only way to avoid the danger of a reaction. Call us today.

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