Why Should You Choose Remy Hair Extensions?

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Hair Care

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There are many different types of hair extensions, Remy hair extensions are considered the top of the line. Natural hair extensions are not all created equally. You may have heard of this type of extension but are not sure what makes it a stand out choice. There is special care taken with Remy type extensions that is not taken with other natural hair extensions so you get much better results.

What Makes Remy Hair Different?
Great care is taken in processing this type of hair. With other natural type of hair extensions, the cuticle is not preserved during processing. When Remy hair is processed, the cuticle remains intact and steps are taken to ensure all the hair faces the same direction for a smoother finished product that looks, feels and acts like real human hair, because it is!

The Results
Remy hair extensions blend better with natural hair and can tolerate anything you would do to your natural hair like:

  • Heat styling
  • Dying
  • Cutting
  • Response to products

You can curl, straighten and blow dry this type of hair with confidence and get great results. It resists tangling and matting. It can be cut, dyed and styles using styling products. Anything you do to your natural hair can be done to this type of extension with confidence. It is a great way to enhance your natural hair.

The Quality
The overall quality of Remy hair is far superior to any other type of extension. It lasts longer than other types of hair. Quality hair makes a difference in how natural it looks and feels. Choosing high quality Remy hair will give you the opportunity to change your style at will. If you are going to use extensions choosing high quality extensions will ensure that you get the results that you are hoping for.

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