Quality Hair Extensions in Westchester County, NY

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Hair Care

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The hair industry is worth over several billion dollars and consists of many products that consumers utilize every day to style their hair. The hair market specializes in professional products and consumer products. Many of the professional products require proper training before using them. However, the consumer products are created so that the non-professional can easily use them without harming the hair. Some non-invasive hair products that are high performers in the hair industry include: hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces. These alternative hair products help to protect the real hair and scalp from further damage while also helping the real hair to regain strength.

Remy Hair Distributors specializes in Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions. The trained technicians are able to analyze the hair growing from the scalp and make a suggestion to protect the current hair and create a new hair look without the use of chemicals. The employees can make customized wigs of any color, any style and any texture. The hair professional can also create custom human hair pieces that are undetectable with your real hair which allows you to style your hair as you would your real hair. By using human hair, you can curl your hair, blow dry it, comb it and brush it as you would your own hair.

You can also get a full hair extensions in less than a three hour time frame. Hair appointments are also available to refresh your installed style when necessary. No hair piece, wig or extension piece should remain in your hair for more than a few weeks without washing. If you do so, you may develop fungus on your scalp and experience hair breakage because your hair may not receive the proper amount of moisture. The employees can: safely remove your hair piece, wash and condition the hair piece then reinstall the hair piece. While your hair piece is removed from your hair, the hair professional can also wash and condition your real hair. Before you leave your appointment, the professional will ensure that your hair has been naturally blended and moves naturally on your head.

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