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When To Consider Breast Reduction In Chicago

Most of the time, you rarely hear about women wanting to reduce the size of their breasts. Society has made it to where big breasts are almost a status symbol and all the celebrities want larger, more beautiful breasts than ever before. However, there are many times when breast reduction in Chicago may be a good choice for you.

Body Frame

Small frames don’t necessarily mean small breasts. Many women have tiny body frames with big breasts that make them seem disproportionate to the rest of the body. While some women don’t mind, most women are self-conscious that their bodies look much different from others. While you may want to drop a few bra sizes, you may only need to drop one size to look and feel “normal” again.

Extremely Heavy

Many times, women with large breasts find that they are extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver. In some cases, the weight of the breast causes the areolas and nipples to point downward. While there is no physical problem with this, it can be embarrassing when you are being intimate or while in a locker room. Having a reduction in Chicago can lower the amount of weight pulling the nipples down.


If you find that one breast is much larger than the other, you may find that reducing the size of the large breast will be a better option than making the smaller breast larger. However, asymmetry problems can be fixed by augmentation and reduction surgery, so it is best to know what you want in advance.

Pain in Back, Etc.

Large breasts can cause a lot of physical problems, such as pain in the shoulders, back and neck. The back muscles are there to support the front of the body, but if you find that sitting with a healthy posture causes even more pain, it may be time to consider reducing the size of your breasts.

Physical Activity Problems

Many women enjoy high-impact sports, such as running, soccer, basketball, jump rope and more. However, those with large breasts find that it can be difficult to participate in these activities because their breasts bounce too much and cause pain in the back and other areas. If you enjoy physical activity, but find that your breasts hinder that activity, you may want to consider reducing their size. Browse the site website URL for more information.