Types Of Cosmetic Surgeries In Chicago IL

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Cosmetic Surgery

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Elective surgery is a great tool to help improve the way you look, which can help boost your self esteem. However, most people don’t realize that most cosmetic procedures are done by surgery and which types are available. Cosmetic procedures in Chicago, IL can include Botox, chemical peels, brow and face lifts, fillers, laser resurfacing, laser hair removal and others.


Botox, while not technically surgical does involve injecting a needle into areas in the face. Therefore, it is considered a surgery and can reduce the look of wrinkles by freezing the muscles in the face. It is only used in the facial region and nowhere else on the body.

Chemical Peels

Skin resurfacing is a popular option for many women because it will peel away the top layer of the skin so that new skin will grow that is more healthy and smooth. They can treat wrinkles, remove skin discoloration problems and can sometimes remove scars, as well, depending on the deepness of the scar. Many times, a chemical peel is done with other cosmetic surgeries in Chicago IL to achieve an even better look.

Surgery Types

While elective procedures are typically called surgery even if they do not involve surgical procedures, there are some that are properly named. Your chin, eyelids, ears and nose can be surgically changed to look better and smaller. For those with a double chin or flabby skin, chin surgery is used. Eyelid surgery can correct over-droopy skin so that it is easier to see. Ear alterations are common for those with ear problems or for those who dislike the way their ears look and nose surgery is done to reduce the size of the nose.


Lifting certain areas of the face and body allows the skin to look tighter and younger-looking. Cheeks, eyebrows, forehead, the face, neck, arms, breasts, buttocks, inner thighs and the whole body can be lifted to achieve a nicer-looking body. While most people don’t have all procedures at once, they are available.

Laser Procedures

Chemical peels are helpful to change the look of the face, but laser resurfacing is also available. Laser hair removal is also available, to permanently remove unwanted hair.

Other Body Options

While most elective procedures involve the face, the body can have other procedures, such as a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast reduction or augmentation and more. Browse the site getbotoxchicago.com for more information.

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