What to Know Before You Go Through with Your LASIK Surgery

by | May 17, 2018 | Eye Care

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Undergoing LASIK is an effective way to fix vision problems. Before you schedule blade-free LASIK surgery with your doctor in Jacksonville, there are a few essential things to know.

How old are you?

You need to be at least 18 years of age before you undergo the procedure. Some ophthalmologists may recommend that you wait until your 25. Talk to your doctor about it. A good eye doctor will consider your age, along with other factors, to determine whether the procedure is right for you or not.

Do you have a skilled doctor?

Make sure you choose a reputable practitioner in the field. Picking a skilled surgeon will greatly reduce the risks to your health during the surgery as well as ensure successful results. That’s what every patient wants so use care and caution when you choose a surgeon to perform the procedure.

Are you a candidate for the procedure?

If you suffer from severe eye dryness or corneal diseases, this is probably not the best treatment for you, Doctor NDTV says. If you have other eye conditions, let your doctor know. Your ophthalmologist can help you determine which options are the best choice for your condition.

What do you know about the procedure?

If you have weak corneas, your eye doctor in Jacksonville may recommend blade-free LASIK surgery. Know as much as you can about the procedure before you say yes. Discuss it with your doctor at length. If you have any misgivings or concerns, raise them.

Are you aware of the risks?

Don’t focus on the benefits of the procedure. Know the risks and possible side-effects as well. That way, you’ll be prepared for anything. The procedure may result in a bit of discomfort over the first day or two.  If you suffer from any pain, though, let your doctor know right away.

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