The Top 3 Things You Need to Be a Certified Flight Nurse

by | May 17, 2018 | Healthcare

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Thinking of becoming a certified flight nurse? Before you can get started, make sure you have the “three E’s” of flight nursing:


Nursing of any kind requires proper education and training. You will need at minimum a two-year AND nursing degree and more likely a four-year BSN. You may also find it useful to have your MSN, so contact your nursing supervisor about more information on what nursing programs they recommend.


In addition to your nursing degree, you will need 4-5 years of experience on average in a trauma center, emergency room or similar facility to get a job as a certified flight nurse. This is because most flight nursing jobs require trauma readiness and disaster preparedness. Nurses who are fresh out of school might not be able to handle the pressure the job presents, so be sure to get your hours logged after graduations to prepare for your career in the skies.


Getting your education is a matter of perseverance. Experience takes time and focus. But one thing you can’t fake is genuine enthusiasm for the job. That’s a key factor in becoming a flight nurse. People who don’t like flying won’t be able to concentrate on serving patients and coworkers, just as those who aren’t passionate about helping others won’t be happy in the job no matter how many wonderful locations they get to visit as part of it. Take note of what you really want in a job and in life before committing to the career of a certified flight nurse. If you’re ready, willing, able and excited to take to the sky to help those in need, then this just might be the career you’ve been dreaming of.

For more information about flight nursing and beginning your own career, contact your local flight nursing employer or medical center. The sky is truly the limit to what you can achieve in this exciting career!

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