Veterinary Services in Richmond, TX are Wide and Varied

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Animal Health

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If you are seeking veterinary services in Richmond, TX, you will find that they cover an array of treatments and therapies. For example, the vet will examine your dog’s teeth and mouth for gingivitis or periodontal disease. The exam will also uncover if your pet may have oral cancer. If a pet is experiencing tooth loss, systemic infection, or oral pain, then he can get the treatment he needs to remedy the problem.

Checking the Liver and Kidneys

One of the other veterinary services that is available is checking the liver and kidneys. During the process, the vet checks to see if the dog or cat has acute or chronic kidney disease, a kidney infection, or kidney stones. He also investigates to see if your pet may have an inflammatory liver disease, or a toxic reaction to certain drugs. If you don’t have the liver or kidneys checked, the possible outcome could be liver failure, jaundice, irreversible kidney damage, blindness, anemia or even death. A proper, timely checkup can help to avoid future complications.

Checking the Eyes and Vision

Veterinary services at sites such as Website also involve checking a dog’s or cat’s eyes and vision. The vet will check for corneal ulcers, cataracts, dry eyes, and glaucoma. If the eyes are not regularly checked, your pet could lose an eye or suffer from progressive blindness.

Seeking veterinary services is also helpful for checking an older pet’s joints and bones. Aging pets are susceptible to getting arthritis, a torn cruciate ligament in the knee, hip dysplasia, cancer, or even back disease. The symptoms display themselves in the form of pain, paralysis and reduced mobility when they progress.

Don’t take any undue chances. Have your pet checked annually or twice per year by your vet. If your pet is suffering, at the very least the vet can make him feel more comfortable. Any concerns should be addressed even if you don’t have a veterinary appointment scheduled. Lean on a veterinarian professional to ensure your pet’s health and well-being.

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