Types Of Puppy Pet Vaccinations In Norridge And When To Get Them

by | Dec 23, 2014 | Animal Health

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Most veterinarians offer some type of wellness plan for your puppy, because they need to have a few visits, get their vaccines and physicals. Timing is important, because each visit plays off of another, so if you miss a visit, your pet may not receive the medication or vaccine in time to prevent a problem, causing more visits and money to be spent.

First Visit

During your pet’s first visit to his Norridge veterinarian, your puppy will have a complete physical and will be tested for intestinal worms. They will also get a vaccine combo for Distemper and Parvo, along with deworming medicine. A parasite preventative will be given, and usually brochures or pamphlets are provided to you to help keep your new puppy healthy.


The second visit for your puppy should be about three weeks after the first visit or approximately one month later. Another physical and fecal exam is completed to ensure there are no problems or complications. If you have any questions, you can ask them during this visit. Another combo vaccine with Parvo and Distemper are provided, as well as a vaccine for kennel cough and deworming medicine. If there are any medications that you must give to your pet, you will be told what they are and when to administer them.


The third visit is about one month after the second and includes many of the same exams and medicine as the second. It is important that your puppy receive his deworming medication for three months after birth so that it prevents worms from forming in the intestine. Vaccinations, such as the Parvo and Distemper, as well as the Influenza or Lyme vaccines, are provided to your pet, as well. However, not every animal requires both Lyme and Influenza vaccinations, as it depends on their lifestyle, where you live, and whether children are around the animal frequently.


The fourth visit to your Norridge vet will include another physical exam, the Rabies vaccine, their last Parvo and Distemper vaccination, a fecal exam and the Influenza or Lyme vaccine, if they had it in the third visit.

While it may be sometimes difficult to keep appointments, it is important that your pet receive vaccines, exams and medication when they are supposed to. This helps them stay healthy and be a great addition to your family.

Pet vaccinations in Norridge are very important for your animal’s health. Visit the site for more information.

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