The Best Breast Implants in New York are Gummy Bears

by | Dec 22, 2014 | Health

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Here are some of the reasons the best breast implants in New York are Gummy Bears. Gummy Bears are named so because the cohesive silicone material is consistent throughout the implant. This reduces the risk of leaks, ruptures and ripples. This is a new product in the United States, and the company that created them, Sientra, has only entrusted four doctors with the task of training plastic surgeons with the Gummy Bear procedures. These breast implants are incredible because they have a natural look that allows women to choose shapes that match their bodies. Not only that, but the cohesive material most closely resembles breast tissue because it is not a liquid. The reason women and celebrities are flying in from around the country to get Gummy Bears is because they are safe, offer long-term solutions, and look the most like real breasts.

Reasons People Get Breast Augmentation

There are many reasons people get breast implants. Some of those reasons are cosmetic, while others are more for medical or corrective purposes. The best breast implants in New York need to be paired with the most experienced team in New York. Dr. Fiorillo is one of the top doctors in plastic surgery, and the services he provides at the Advanced Center for Plastic Surgery in New York are highly sought after. It can be a hard decision to get breast augmentation, and part of the decision is the consultation. Dr. Fiorillo has over sixteen years in the field and has performed over 3,000 implant surgeries. He will make sure all your questions are answered and help you find the best possible shape of Gummy Bear implant for your body type.

It’s Important to Do Your Homework

You may be interested to know that Gummy Bears, the best breast implants in New York have been on international markets for 10 years in Canada, Europe and South America. The FDA approved Gummy Bears in 2012, and people have had amazing results that they report are more realistic to the eye and the touch. When it comes to identifying the best breast implants in New York, remember that this latest generation of implants is safe, has longevity and appears and feels more natural. Besides all those benefits, Dr. Fiorillo was trained by Sientra with the proper procedures for the products, and he is training surgeons around the nation. Women have flown in from all over the world for this highly regarded plastic surgery team, and Dr. Fiorello has been performing breast augmentation since 1998. He has been on The View and Fox News among other television shows as a trusted expert in the field. He has clients who are TV stars and celebrities, and of course, your confidentiality is always strictly protected.

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