Three Simple Tips For Pet Dental Care Fort Bend County

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Animal Health

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Just like humans, dogs and cats need to keep their mouth healthy and their teeth clean. Considering many domesticated pets end up having periodontal or gum disease by age four, it is important to follow these three simple tips for Pet Dental Care Fort Bend County to ensure your dog or cat doesn’t develop any harmful oral ailments.

Examine Frequently

Frequently examining a pets teeth and gums is extremely beneficial. It allows for you to see any visual signs of gum swelling, chipped teeth, or tarter. When examining the pet, place the pet directly in front of you with his/her face facing yours. Carefully lift the pets lips up and take a close look. Notice the gums. Pink gums means healthy. White gums and red gums typically are a bad sign. Swollen gums and a build up of tarter on the teeth means the pet should be taken to the veterinarian as soon as possible for a check up and teeth cleaning.

Tooth Brushing

Believe it or not, many pet owners do brush their pets teeth. Much like humans, pets need their teeth brushed to remove plaque and to keep the teeth in optimum condition. In order to brush a dog or cats teeth, simply purchase a toothbrush and a specialized toothpaste made for that specific type of animal. Never use human toothpaste on an animal. If need be, create a homemade canine or feline toothpaste made up of half baking soda and half water. Once the toothpaste is dabbed on the toothbrush, brush each section of the animals mouth in a slow circular motion.

Chew Toys and Treats

Gnawing on chew toys and tarter control pet treats can really keep a pets teeth strong and healthy. Both dogs and cats should have a variety of pet-safe toys to chew on. Not only does the gnawing scrape away soft tarter and massage the gums, but gnawing on toys and munching on treats can also help reduce boredom and stress levels. For recommendations and suggestions regarding toxin-free and healthy pet toys and treats, contact Greatwood Veterinary Hospital.

Keep these three simple tips in mind for pet dental care in Fort Bend County. These tips will ensure your pet maintains his or her flawless smile and his or her oral health.

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