The Purpose of Home Health Care

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Healthcare

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The purpose of home health care—otherwise known as social care, domestic care or ‘in-home care’—is to offer the beneficiary a program of care to suit their own personal needs and requirements. Ordinarily, only a suitably qualified individual, with the appropriate degree or certificate of competence, can give professional care. They provide personal services such as hygiene care, bathing, wound services, meal preparation, and other personal things that the beneficiary cannot currently do for themselves. The beneficiary may be an elderly person, a person who has been in hospital recently and is recuperating, a temporarily disabled person or anyone needing care of any kind for health reasons.

The Main idea behind such health care in the home is to generally prevent people from having to leave their home of possibly many years in the event that they cannot take care of themselves. State and private operated nursing homes are expensive and can take a huge chunk of your retirement money, or eat away at any savings you wanted to leave to your loved ones.

How to Select your Options

The options of choosing an in-home care giver to take care of your needs can be far cheaper because you paying them for their daily service in hours, rather than paying for full time care. In a nursing home it can cost anything from four hundred dollars a week to over a thousand a week and those figures can be crippling. Therefore, paying a single helper or a series of single helpers to come in and assist you every day for a set amount of hours is only going to cost you between three hundred and five hundred dollars per week according to your allotted hours.

Your personal care giver will puff your pillows, bring you books and magazines, meals and other necessary items to help you stay comfortable. They will also answer your door or drive you to the doctor if you have a pre-agreed arrangement to do so. They can also conduct shopping trips for you, buy clothes, help you manage your money and support your independent living.

However, one thing that you should be very cautious of before you hire a specialist for this kind of work and that is to make sure they are fully bonded, fully insured, fully qualified and most of all that you like them.

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