Four Things to Expect from Quality Retirement Communities

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Senior Health

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One of the most difficult decisions you will make for your elderly loved ones is whether to keep them at home or find a good retirement community for them. Before making such a life-changing decision for and with your loved ones, it is wise to know what to expect from quality communities. Retirement Communities should fit your concept of care to make you feel comfortable. The following will cover what types of options you should have when choosing a community for yourself or your loved ones.

1) Independent Living

If you are still pretty healthy and require little help with day-to-day activities, independent living is a good solution. Many seniors choose this option when they no longer want to maintain a lawn/yard, clean the house, or have the responsibilities of owning a home. Independent living allows you to continue living a good quality of life, but without the hassles of living alone or without social interaction.

2) Assisted Living

Assisted living is designed to help you with the tasks you can no longer do or that you need help doing. This can include remembering to take medications, getting dressed, personal care, grooming, housekeeping, and other kinds of care. Just like with independent living communities, you also get to enjoy social interactions and amenities like an on-site gym and other services that might interest you.

3) Memory Care

Memory problems are a common issue among senior citizens. The rise in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has created the need for communities where proper care can be provided to those with these conditions. It takes special training to aid people with memory issues, but life with dignity is the common goal. You should expect this kind of care to offer help as needed, social activities, and a quality of life your loved one can enjoy.

4) Veteran’s Benefits

If your spouse or parent is a veteran that served his or her country, you should look for a retire community that is compatible with the Aid and Attendance Pension program. This is a good way to feel confident about their care, dignity, and activities.

Retirement Communities with core values of integrity, honesty, sincerity, and a passion for helping others are valuable commodities. If you live within a satisfactory distance from Woodlands Parkway in Olive, Iowa, the Woodlands Creek Active Retirement Community is an option to consider. They offer independent living, assisted living, memory care, and are veteran friendly.


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