An Addict’s Best Chance: Drug Rehab in North Carolina

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Health

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theriversourceDrug abuse has reached the level of a national epidemic in the United States. In the state of California alone, it is estimated that death by overdose may soon overtake the number of deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents as the number one cause of non-natural death. Addicts resort to behaviors that in a non-drug using state, they would never consider: lying, stealing, even prostitution, to cover up and/or gain the money to support their habits. They do despicable things: father’s steal from their children’s piggy banks, mothers sell their children. Such is the level to which an addiction can cause one to sink. Then, when the addict next sees the gray light of a sober dawn, his self-disgust at his actions is so great as to cause him to fall even lower, again seeking drugs to kill the pain that is caused by facing his own reflection in the mirror. It is a self-perpetuating and negative cycle that seemingly only ends with the addict’s death, unless the right kind of intervention occurs.

In order to break a strong addiction, most addicts require in-house drug rehab therapy, and generally speaking, the longer the period of rehab, the better the chances for an eventual recovery. The addict not only has to withdraw from the drugs he has been using, but he must explore the triggers within and without himself that cause him to want to use drugs in the first place. The best drug rehab in North Carolina for an addict is the one that has had the most success with other addicts with profiles that are similar to the addict in question.

An addiction is never truly overcome until the addict has been successfully reintegrated into life outside of the drug rehab in North Carolina. All addicts can stop using drugs … for a time. The definition of a successful recovery involves the addict’s ability to “stay stopped.” For an addict to permanently turn his life around, he usually needs significant family support in addition to rehab treatment. Many times the triggers to an addict’s drug use stem from within the family, and group family therapy is often helpful, not only to the addict, but to the entire family by creating an overall healthier family unit in general.

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