Signs You Need to Take Your Dog to the Veterinarian for a Heat Stroke

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Animal Health

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You know how important it is to keep your family safe in the heat, and you want to make sure you are protecting your dog from the heat as well. However, you may find yourself taking your dog to a vet in Chicago for a heat stroke. It is important to check for the following signs of heat stroke in your dog.

Signs of Overheating

Your dog may be overheating if he is showing signs such as excessive panting and drooling, an irregular heartbeat and a rapid heart rate. You want to get him inside or to a cool area as soon as possible. These signs could progress to a heat stroke.

Physical Signs

There are physical signs of a heat stroke in your dog, such as a dog who is weak or lethargic. When your dog walks, you may notice wobbly or uncoordinated movements. Other signs include a fever, muscle tremors, diarrhea, vomiting blood and dehydration.

Visual Signs

You also want to keep an eye on more visual signs of a heat stroke, such as reddened gums and moist body tissues. They may only produce a small amount of urine or no urine at all. You may also notice black, tarry or bloody stools or bowel movements.

Mental Signs

There are also mental signs of a heat stroke in your dog, such as mental dullness or disorientation. It is important to act as soon as you notice a difference in your dog.

A dog with heat stroke may also suffer from seizures, collapse, unconsciousness and cardiopulmonary arrest. If you notice any of these signs, you want to contact a vet in Chicago immediately.

If you need to take your dog to a vet in Chicago for heat stroke, you can find contact information for the Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic.

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