Important Facts About Laser Cataract Surgery In Honolulu

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Eye Care

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In Hawaii, patients considering cataract surgery review important facts about the procedure. First, the steps involved in the procedure educate patients about what to expect. Extra benefits, such as corrective treatment for other eye-related conditions, make the procedure worth the price. A local clinician offers more facts about the Laser Cataract Surgery in Honolulu and helps patients make a well-informed decision.

Basic Steps of the Surgery

The surgeon completes three basic steps during the procedure. The steps include a corneal incision, anterior capsulotomy, and the lens and cataract fragmentation. The surgeon uses a precision laser to complete the steps and never touches the eye with a surgical tool. The laser tools reduce the potential for errors and injuries, and the entire surgery takes ten minutes.

Correction for Other Eye Conditions

Some doctors offer treatment for other vision issues during the surgery. The cornea is the source of astigmatisms, and the curvature caused by the condition is repairable during cataract surgery. When the surgeon removes the cataract, it is possible to reshape the cornea and eliminate astigmatism completely.

What is the Drawback of Laser Surgery?

The surgery is more expensive as compared to the more traditional procedure. Regardless of the benefits of the more technologically advanced procedure, some vision care insurance policies won’t cover the laser surgery completely. Patients who can afford the additional costs reap more benefits by choosing the surgery. Some doctors offer payment plans for patients with more modest budgets.

Why are Preliminary Eye Exams Necessary?

The doctor requires a preliminary eye exam for evaluating the severity of the cataract. The findings determine if the patient has more complex conditions that affect the outcome of their surgery. Patients who want additional corrective services make their requests during the first exam or consultation. If there are far too many risks, however, the doctor won’t recommend the laser surgery.

In Hawaii, cataract surgeries eliminate the milky film from the eye and improve vision. Surgeons correct other, conditions including astigmatisms during the procedure, too. Doctors require a full exam before scheduling the surgery, and they explain all risks. Patients who want to schedule Laser Cataract Surgery in Honolulu contact Hawaii Vision Clinic or visit their Facebook page now.

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