Reduce Trips to Animal Hospitals in Roswell with Prevention

by | Sep 20, 2012 | Dentist

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Family pets are treasured, often becoming a huge part of the family. Just like humans, our family pets may suddenly become ill, racking up large medical bills. In fact, Americans pay more than $9 billion per year in animal hospital bills. While there are a few ways you can save on these bills, the easiest way to cut pet medical bills is prevention. By monitoring your pet and ensuring they are in good health, you can save thousands on animal hospital bills.

To prevent any major illnesses in your pets, use these tips:

. Practice good hygiene and grooming. Simply trim your pets hair and nails regularly. In addition, brush your pets teeth and visit the vet for an annual cleaning.

. Exercise and Diet. Just like humans, pets need to maintain a healthy weight. Ensure your pet is eating a high-quality food and give them plenty of exercise.

. Stay current on vaccinations. Don’t wait until your pet becomes ill, stay up-to-date on all vaccinations. Local animal control organizations often offer affordable vaccines, including against rabies.

While prevention is key to your pet’s health, accidents and random illnesses do happen. If your pet exhibits any strange symptoms, contact your local animal hospital. Roswell is home to many fine veterinarian clinics, hospitals and emergency clinics for pets of all species, shapes and sizes.

If your pet shows any of the following, get help immediately:

. Be observant. Sudden changes in your pet’s routine or habits may be caused by a health problem. If your pet urinates frequently, drinks more often, is lethargic or is refusing to eat, there may be a serious health issue.

. Use your nose. By smelling your pet, you may actually be able to detect any changes or signs of illness. Smell your pet’s breath, ears and skin. Any foul smells may be a sign of diabetes or infection.

To save on larger bills, try the following:

. Ask. It may sound simple, but ask your vet for any money saving options. Your vet may know of less-invasive procedures or generic prescriptions to help with your animal hospital costs. In addition, many animal hospitals in Roswell offer discounts and package deals for certain procedures.

. Veterinarian schools. If you just can’t shake the large bills, look into a veterinarian school. Many times they offer discounted pricing for all regular and emergency services.

While there is no fool-proof way to prevent an illness in your family pet, these preventive measures can help.

Whether you need emergency care or a standard check-up, Alpharetta Animal Hospital is there. They provide a full scope of services including vaccinations, dental cleaning and emergency care. Located near Roswell, the animal hospital is also available 24/7 for emergencies.


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