Finding The Right Family Doctor: Three Considerations

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Dentist

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Establishing a good relationship with a medical provider is important. It becomes even more so when it involves your family. It is essential you carefully choose your family doctor. This relationship may last a lifetime.

Basic Considerations

When selecting the right doctor to treat your family, you will look at various factors. Your medical coverage, financial situation and the medical are some basic aspects you need to consider. However, three specific characteristics require your attention if you want the relationship to work. These are:

1. Access
2. Health needs
3. Communication skills


You need to know how easy it will be to obtain an appointment with the doctor. Make certain the office hours and doctor availability work in conjunction with work and school schedules. Is the family doctor available for emergencies? Is the office open evenings and weekends?

Health Needs

What type of family doctor is he or she? Does the doctor focus on a specific age group? Does s/he have experience with small children, older youths, disabled individuals and adults? Does s/he also deliver babies, treat addiction problems and give physicals?  In areas of non-practice, does the doctor have access to these services?


The relationship between you and your doctor is highly personal. If it is to work, you need to feel comfortable. You need to be able to tell him or her everything relating to your health and do so without feeling the need to censor the information. Since not everyone’s communication skills and approaches are the same, you have to find a doctor that can relate and communicate on a level you will find more than just acceptable.

The Right Family Doctor

Make sure your plan and budget can cover the cost. Your doctor also must be able to address your health needs. Yet, it is as important for you to communicate with and have easy access to a family doctor if the relationship is to be a success.

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