Providing Caregivers In Barrington

by | Aug 17, 2013 | Senior Health

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Do you worry about an elderly loved one who is living at home? If so, having a caregiver can take a load off your mind. A home care agency provides needed care, to the elderly, in their home.

Services provided by, Caregivers Home Care Philadelphia PA, include light housekeeping, errands, transportation, companionship, maintenance and personal services. There are also caregivers who take care of medical needs. The agency has staff experienced in caring for patients with ALS, Huntington’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, Muscular Dystrophy and stroke.

If you’re interested, the agency sets up a meeting with the family, client and their staffing coordinator. The coordinator assesses the client’s mental, physical, emotional and social needs. Afterwards, they’ll search the database for the two best caregiver-client matches. Both caregivers are introduced to the family and client. You get to make the selection.

You’ll benefit from having the services, of the same caregiver, from day to day. The elderly are more comfortable when they are familiar with someone. The agency’s caregivers are legal citizens, insured, licensed and bonded. They go through extensive background checks and are covered by workers’ compensation.

Caregivers work with non-ambulatory patients, and in other specialized areas. If a client just had an operation, the agency works with the doctor to provide physical therapy and rehab exercises. They will also help you with hospice care, so the client doesn’t have to leave home. The staff is trained in end of life care. They provide family support, and loved ones are closely monitored.

Caregivers are trained to offer memory techniques and activities for patients suffering from dementia, brain injury, stroke and alzheimer’s. These illnesses are debilitating and destroy the brain. The agency knows how strenuous it can be taking care of a loved one, with these illnesses. You need a break to keep healthy. Caregivers make sure the patient’s environment is safe. You don’t want an elderly relative, with dementia, wanderingoff. Clients with these illnesses are vulnerable, and caregivers provide patience and understanding. Taking care of the elderly is hard work, and we all need a break. Give the home care agency a contact Angels On Call today!!

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