All Natural Cure for Genital Herpes

by | Aug 21, 2013 | Health And Fitness

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Genital herpes, or the herpes simplex 2, virus is a highly contagious life-long virus that is contained in the cells of the body. This virus lays dormant until an active outbreak occurs. During an outbreak, a person develops painful blisters on the genital areas. These blisters are contagious and can be spread to their partner during sexual intercourse.

Blisters from the HSV-2 virus break open and can last for about two to four weeks. Some people who are infected have no symptoms and just carry the virus. However, some others not only get the blisters but flu-like symptoms with their first breakout. Eruptions over the first year tend to occur often but over time decrease in occurrence. Having genital herpes, can increase the risk of contracting HIV. This is due to having open sores that bleed, which gives the HIV virus an easy access point to enter the body.

If a person already has HIV, and is not aware of it, they can easily spread it to their partner by him/her coming into direct contact with the infected person’s blood. Having or becoming infected with HSV during pregnancy, can be dangerous. Genital herpes increases a pregnant woman’s risk for preterm labor or miscarriage. A pregnant woman can also pass the HSV virus to her child, especially if she is having an outbreak during birth. If her newborn is infected with the virus, he/she can develop a very dangerous infection that can lead to death. The only way to decrease the risk of these dangers is to cure genital herpes.

There are many treatments for herpes, but until recently there has not been a way to cure genital herpes. ResolveHerpes is a 50 day cleanse, which boosts the immune system to eradicate the HSV virus and other viruses from the cells. This cure for genital herpes is a two part system that contains all natural ingredients including:

Magnesium salts


Ammonium salts


Sodium salts


Potassium salts



During this detox, it is recommended that those with genital herpes do not have sexual contact with their partner, even if there are no herpes symptoms present. If the partner also has HSV, they should also do the detox. While taking this cure for genital herpes, there are some side effects patients may experience. These side effects can include pimples, runny nose, more frequent outbreaks of blisters, rash, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, stomach cramps, nausea, or bloating.

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