Compounded Pharmaceuticals in El Dorado Hills: Creating Healthy Elixers

by | Aug 17, 2013 | Health

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People are living longer but are people living quality lives? Grandpa’s Compounding Pharmacy and other compounding pharmacies are making sure that a long life is also a quality oriented life. Also, pets and babies may need special medical compounds that are not readily available at most pharmacies. A specific mix or compound is needed and that is why these pharmacies doing their magic is so important. They specialize in unique needs catering to millions of those who need these exclusive mixes.

Some medicines need to be modified for the patient via the doctors prescription and that is where compounding is necessary and in high demand. Not every patient has the same need and their physiological make up may react differently to many forms of medication. For this reason, across the board and generic medicines, for many, are an impossibility to ingest. Compounded Pharmaceuticals in El Dorado Hills offer a necessary alternative and unique service to provide compatible compounds for such patients whether old, young, infant or even pets.

Licensed pharmacists, like Compounded Pharmaceuticals in El Dorado Hills, mix complicated medicinal compounds to produce tailor made elixirs and promote health and well being per physicians orders and within FDA guidelines. Strict guidelines regulate this industry just as they do in a traditional pharmacy.

There are instances when a patient may need a medication which is in a pill but they need the same thing in a liquid form. A compound pharmacy such as Compounded Pharmaceuticals in El Dorado Hills can create this exact mix as a liquid which the patient can take comfortably. This is especially important and necessary for patients with certain forms of cancers that cause esophageal blockages. Also, if allergies are involved an alternate medical mix may be needed to avoid certain dyes that are present in tradition pharmacological manufactured assembly medications.

Some vets require the use of compound pharmacies for certain medicinal needs for pets with allergies or sensitive stomachs and possible medical conditions. This need is growing consistently since pets are kept inside more and becoming increasingly sensitive to allergens that are found outside. They are in need of the compound pharmacies ability to mix unique medicinal combination’s to promote good health for our furry family members. Visit website for more information.



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