Long Term Addiction Treatment

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Drug Abuse

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Most people face challenges once their loved ones have completed the 90-day period required for one to recover from substance abuse in addiction rehabilitation centers. One will require support, love, and understanding from close family members and friends in order to overcome the possibility of using drugs again.

Staying sober, after a long period of drug and alcohol abuse might pose a bit of a challenge, but with simple steps, you can easily transform your habit for the better and avoid a relapse.

  • Carrying out vigorous exercises can help one’s body release endorphins; these are the neurotransmitters responsible in the formation of addictions. The experience through exercise will deviate one’s mind from cravings and will focus more on the physical activities. This is very essential in the process of addiction treatment.
  • It is essential for addicts to maintain healthy bodies and this can be achieved by proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is important as it will also help fight the cravings. These diets will involve more than just concentrating on calorie intake or the fear of gaining weight. The diets should be balanced with lots of micronutrients, mineral salts, and vitamins in order to maintain high energy levels. This will help the addiction treatment process by promoting a positive outlook towards life.
  • One important aspect to know is what triggers their need to use, whether it is drugs or alcohol. Figuring out the underlying reason for the abuse can help put a stop to it. Although it is not easy, these triggers have to be determined in order to overcome the cravings.
  • One will be required to do some soul searching in order to realize what kind of emotions usually lead them to the abuse of drugs. Once one has identified these stressors, which usually lead to cravings, one will be able to learn how to cope and manage them effectively hence, one will be able to go through the addiction treatment gracefully.
  • Carrying out spiritual practices like praying and meditation can be very effective in the process of addiction treatment. One does not need to belong to a group to practice spirituality, but if the patient can find a support group that would be ideal, as they will be able to help him/her through this trying period. One can find a greater purpose in which to give one’s life to; hence, one can have a positive outlook towards life.
  • Finally, the patient will learn to use various coping strategies through addiction counseling, this will help one know which situations he/she has control over and which one they do not. This way, the patient will be able to face challenging situations when they present themselves and will be able to be stronger in fighting these cravings and temptations.

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