"> Know How Mineral Based Sunscreen is Helpful for Your Skin

Know How Mineral Based Sunscreen is Helpful for Your Skin

If you have been considering using a mineral-based sunscreen, you may want to know what benefits it brings with it. Many people choose these sunblock products because they can be better for your skin than other options. We wanted to offer some insight into why that is the case and what other benefits you may see.

Lack of Chemicals

Those who are still using a traditional sunscreen are really putting a large amount of chemicals onto their bodies. Those chemicals then absorb into the body. The problem is that most of us aren’t too happy about all of these chemicals being used. With a mineral blocker, natural ingredients such as zinc and titanium are used to reflect the sunshine away.

Immediate Protection

With a typical sunscreen, you often need to apply the product and then wait a certain amount of time before going into the sun. With a mineral sunblock, this isn’t needed. There are no chemicals in the mineral block that must be absorbed. You can put it on and head out into the world to do whatever it is you need to do.

Broad Spectrum Protection

When you use a chemical-based sunscreen, you are typically guarded against UVB rays, but you may not be guarded against UVA rays. You should always double check the packaging on your sunscreen to be sure both types of protection are provided. For an excellent option, look for a sunblock with zinc oxide. It’s natural and broad-spectrum.

Easier on Skin

With traditional sunblock, the chemicals involved can cause skin reactions and allergies in some individuals. With natural mineral based sunscreen, there is far less chance of this. The UV rays are reflected, and the product isn’t absorbed. Anyone with sensitive skin will do better with a product that doesn’t include synthetic chemicals.

Environmentally Friendly

The final benefit of mineral sunblock is that it is better for the planet. Many chemical sunblock products can cause damage to the coral reef and other sea creatures. This has caused major loss of our coral reefs. Mineral sunscreens do not cause this problem and are an answer to the current disaster involving reef.

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