Is A Cleanse Worth It?

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Fitness Training Center

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After a whole summer full of weddings, BBQs, as well as weekends away, you might be feeling a bit weighed down. If you are considering a detox or cleanse for whatever reason, we’ll encourage you to move forward with caution.  Below are five classic options for cleanses:

Two-Day Wonder Cleanse by Dr. Oz
How it works: Consume whole foods which boost enzymes which encourage your body to release toxins. Also, those whole foods support the detoxifying organs of your body to permit them to perform their functions better. Before searching for a “Gym in Charleston, SC” on Google, contact Chucktown Fitness at (843) 764-9349.

The Master Cleanse
How it works: Every meal is replaced using a solution of purified water with cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemon for the period of ten days to extract toxins, encourage loss of weight, and improve nails, hair, and skin.

JJ Smith’s Ten-Day Green Cleanse
How it works: Meals get replaced with around 60 oz. of green smoothies that contain fruit, water, and leafy greens per day. You also may consume celery, apples, cucumbers, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, unsweetened peanut butter, and seeds/nuts (in small amounts). The cleanse possesses purported benefits of detoxification, weight loss, reduced cravings, improved digestion, and increased energy.

Juice Cleanse
How it works: Every meal is replaced with six vegetable and fruit juices per day for a period of 3 to 10 days to extract toxins. Juices might be made at home or pre-prepared through a service.

Three-Day Soup Cleanse
How it works: Every meal is replaced with five detoxifying soups each day for a period of three days. Advocates state that soup retains more fiber, as well as other nutrients and thereby might be more advantageous than juice cleanses. Also, soup might permit for improved blood sugar control, as compared with juice.

It always is critical that you involve your doctor as you make changes to your health. Be very thoughtful in your approach if you are considering a cleanse, and make sure you treat your body well!

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