Treating Advanced Disorders of the Feet with a Podiatrist in Racine WI

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Health

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A Podiatrist in Racine WI treats conditions of the feet and ankles. Disorders of the feet or ankles can cause unbearable pain when walking. With that kind of problem, many people would not be able to get through their day. A podiatrist can fix foot health problems that interfere with life.

Taking Charge of Foot Health with Podiatry Treatment

The feet have walked an average of 75,000 miles by the age of 50. Arthritis affects joints. There are 33 joints in the foot that arthritis can affect. Arthritis of the foot can be the result of injuries. Since injuries of the foot are often ignored, conditions can get worse and lead to a chronic disorder.

The best way to prevent serious podiatry problems is early detection and effective curative treatment. Diabetes is a common health ailment, and in serious cases it affects feet. Diabetes can damage the nerves in the feet. Nerve damage there causes a person to lose feeling in the feet.

Nerve damage in the feet means it’s very easy to get injuries and infections, such as a foot ulcer. A foot ulcer can create an infection of the entire foot, and then there is a high risk for the need of an amputation. Those with diabetic foot disease can follow a foot care regimen implemented by a podiatrist in Racine WI. Preventive measures and treatment of the disease in its current stage can prevent an amputation.

Heel Pain

An intricate set of parts make up the bottom half of the foot. There is a dense stretch of tissue connecting from the heel bone to the toes. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that happens when small tears occur on that stretchy band of tissue. When the injuries heal, the tissue can grow rigid and tough.

The band of tissue under the foot is called the plantar fascia. The tissue gets injured when it is overstretched. It can cause thickening of the tissue and inflammation, which then causes pain.

Physical therapy treatment can help ease the symptoms of plantar fascia. Massages loosen up the tissue to improve elasticity. Controlled stretching exercises makes the fascia more pliable as well. A combination of treatments ordered by a podiatrist is the best way to eliminate the symptoms of this condition. Visit us to begin a treatment plan.

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