How to Improve Skin with an Oxygen Facial Machine

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Healthcare

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Many women are trying a new type of facial that uses an Oxygen Facial Machine to apply moisturizers and nutrients to the skin using pressurized oxygen. This treatment immediately hydrates the skin and makes it appear plumper and smoother. It is popular with celebrities because it temporarily reduces the tiny imperfections invisible on the skin that are easier to see on high-definition television.

Dry skin is a common problem for many people for different reasons. Some people use the wrong products on their skin because of not knowing their skin type. An experienced esthetician can tell you your skin type and recommend products to include in your skin routine. If you are dealing with really dry skin, you can experience results instantly after an oxygen massage. It gives the skin a moisture boost and makes it appear smoother. Spas describe the facials as a way to force moisturizers and oxygen into aging skin temporarily.

The oxygen from an Oxygen Facial Machine creates a pressure bubble that pushes nutrients and vitamins into the skin. The theory is that the treatment allows the akin to absorb moisturizing agents like hyaluronic acid into the skin faster. A hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate that draws water. The solution is poured into the compressor of the machine and sprayed in a mist on one side of the face. If you look at the face after the solution is sprayed, you should notice instant changes like plumper cheeks.

The massages also increase the blood circulation in the skin, which allows for skin cell renewal. They can also decrease the amount of waste that increases under the skin, which causes fluid accumulation and puffiness. Some people make the mistake of waiting until they have a skin concern like bags under the eyes or lines on the forehead. Prevention is the best formula. You should have a facial routine at home that consist of products for your skin type. Consumers have to take care of their skin at home along with spa treatments. It is a good idea to see a licensed esthetician before buying an Oxygen Facial Machine for home use.

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