Warning Signs You Should Take Your Dog to an Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Chicago

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Healthcare

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If your dog is sick or injured in Chicago, it’s sometimes hard to tell whether you should make him at an appointment at his regular vet or immediately take him to an emergency veterinary hospital. Dogs are very good at handling and hiding pain, and they aren’t able to vocalize exactly what is bothering or how severe the situation is. Below are some signs that the situation could be life-threatening and you should take your pooch to a veterinary hospital in Chicago right away.

Physical Trauma

If your dog has suffered any type of physical trauma, it’s always best to take him to an emergency vet right away. Injuries caused by dog fights, car accidents or serious falls can be much worse than they appear at first glance. Ditto for cuts or wounds that look severe or won’t stop bleeding. Your dog could be suffering from internal bleeding or broken bones that could cause serious medical issues if left untreated for too long.

Suspected Poisoning

Unfortunately, there are many common substances around the house that are severely toxic to dogs–even some foods that people eat on a normal basis like chocolate or grapes. If you suspect your dog has ingested a toxin, or he’s displaying signs of poisoning like severe vomiting, lethargy or rapid breathing, it’s essential to seek help right away. If you have a good idea what your dog has eaten, the ASPCA recommends first calling your local poison control center to see if any immediate action can be taken–you can reach a 24-hour animal poison control center at (888)426-4435. After that, take your pooch to a veterinary hospital in Chicago for further evaluation.

Signs of Extreme Pain

Dogs are hardy animals, and it’s often hard to tell if they’re experiencing pain. Because of this, it’s important to take your pooch to an emergency vet right away if he does begin exhibiting visible signs of extreme pain. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, these symptoms include trembling, shaking, whining or groaning or hiding and refusing contact or socialization. Visible manifestation of discomfort can be a sign of a serious medical problem that usually requires prompt attention.

Everyone wants the best for their dogs, so it’s important to learn to recognize the signs your dog needs immediate veterinary care. If your dog is displaying any of the symptoms above, contact website for 24-hour emergency services.

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