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Getting Dental Implants by a Dentist in Grand Island NE

Most people have seen or at least heard of dentures and bridges. You can commonly see them in the mouth of elderly people who have lost all or some of their teeth. However, there is another method which you may not be aware of and which is much better and long lasting – dental implant. Although the technology has been available since the mid-80s, few people have access to it because of the high cost. But dental implants are becoming more common these days, and any qualified Dentist in Grand Island NE can provide the service along with financing if you want. Most insurance plans do not cover dental implants.

Dental implants

*     Dental implants are titanium (mostly) screws or posts that are surgically implanted in the bone of the jaw to replace the roots of the teeth that have been removed. After implanting, the screws are left for up to six to months to complete the healing process. After that, a prosthetic crown is placed on top of the implant. The artificial teeth look and feel so natural that nobody will ever suspect that you are wearing false teeth. With these teeth, you can eat and talk just like any person with a full set of natural teeth. The implant usually remains intact for a lifetime while the crown may have to be replaced from time to time.

Types of dental implants

*     Basically, dental implants are of two types: endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal means ‘in the bone’ and involves implanting the screw or post right into the jawbone. This is the newer and much more widely used implant. Subperiosteal means ‘on the bone’ and involves implanting the screw or post on the jawbone with a metal framework jutting out of the gums. This type of implant is only used if the height of the patient’s jawbone is very low.

Methods of implants

*     Because dental implants involve complicated procedures, they are treated like major surgery and require the presence of a full surgical team. To replace a single lost tooth, the dental surgeon implants one screw or post to hold one prosthetic crown. To replace two or more teeth, he may implant a lower number of screws than the lost teeth. To replace the entire set of teeth that have been lost, he implants several screws and then fixes bridges or dentures on them as necessary. These become permanent fixtures and, except for the crowns, last a lifetime.

Advantages over other methods

*     Dental implants are the most modern and advanced technology available for replacing lost teeth. As the implants are fixed directly in or on the jawbone, neighboring teeth do not need to be altered to provide support, leaving them untouched and safe. They are painless, comfortable and look natural. The implanted teeth look and feel no different from natural teeth and last a lifetime. Because they are so firmly fixed to the jawbone, they do not move or slip, and so the wearer can eat and speak without any difficulties. The only problem is the high cost of implants, but if you really want it you can easily find a  Dentist in Grand Island NE who can provide you financing.