Earning Your Lymphatic Massage Certification Is Easier Than Ever

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Health

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As a Physical Therapist you have devoted your career to helping others.  Now is the time to help yourself too by attaining your Lymphatic Drainage Certification.  Attaining this certification increases your value as a trained medical professional and allows you to expand your skills to work directly with patients requiring specialize care due to Lymphedema.  It is challenging work, but rewarding as well.  It also opens up some potential career options that may not have been available to you without the certification.  If you are looking to take the next step forward while not giving up the work you love you should consider taking this important step.

As you may know Lymphedema is a medical disorder requiring specialized treatment.  Lymphedema can be genetically passed on to the next generation or be caused by an accident or as an outcome of certain surgeries.  Regardless of the cause it results in the swelling of the extremities and other areas of the body due to a buildup of fluid in the tissues.  By completing your Lymphatic Drainage Certification you will be trained to treat Lymphedema effectively using a technique known as Complete Decongestive Therapy.  This technique is built upon skills you have already mastered as a Physical Therapist.

But what should you consider when choosing an organization to provide you with your Lymphatic Drainage Certification?  You certainly want to make the right choice.  Some considerations include the quality, experience and reputation of the certification provider as well as the costs associated with the program.  Some providers have moved beyond the traditional classroom format and are providing dynamic accelerated course formats which include both classroom and on-line learning.  For many professions things such as start dates and program flexibility are important considerations as well.  Remember, only you can determine the specific requirements that are right for you and your busy schedule.

So, what are you waiting for?  No one cares about your career like you do so isn’t it time you took responsibility and made the decision to achieve your Lymphatic Drainage Certification?  You’ll learn new skills, acquire advanced levels of experience, increase your value in the healthcare career marketplace and continue to make a significant positive difference in the lives of patients.  Take the next step.  Choose a path that moves your career forward and challenges you to better yourself each and every day.  You will not regret your choice and the lives of others will be thankful to you as well.

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