How to Choose the Right Program Among Massage Schools in Prescott

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Health

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If you want to ride the wave of a booming field, massage therapy may be just the thing for you. However, when browsing through massage schools in Prescott (or elsewhere), you might get a headache just by looking at the many programs on offer. Here are 3 expert tips to help you choose the program that will work best for you.

1. Keep your eyes peeled for externships

Most massage programs provide a solid theoretical basis and enable you to hone your skills in a lab setting, but only some of them will give you the chance to practice outside the campus. Narrow down your choices by focusing on the programs which offer externships. These will allow you to get valuable hands-on experience and put your skills to the test in a real work environment. Such an experience will work wonders for your confidence, as well as afford you great networking opportunities, which might give you a head start on the labor market.

2. Choose according to the career path you wish to pursue

#2.1 The “zoom in” approach

If you have a fairly clear sense of the path you wish to pursue, zoom in on a program that offers the massage styles best suited to your goals. Need help getting a clearer focus? Close your eyes and picture yourself working as a massage therapist, five or ten years from now. Where do you picture yourself? Particular work environments will mean you need to focus extensively on particular modalities or massage styles. Do you see yourself working in a health club? You might want to get proficient in deep tissue and sports massage.

#2.2  The “mandala” approach

Don’t think there’s anything wrong with you if you have a somewhat blurrier picture or if you are the kind of person who resists specialization. It just means you are wired differently and might benefit more from a holistic massage program. Holistic massage schools in Prescott offer a well-rounded curriculum, encouraging students to integrate several massage techniques and alternative medicine practices.

3.  Choose a program that offers professional support down the line

While a number of programs might provide adequate or even excellent training, when it comes to the crunch, go for the one which also takes an interest in your professional success down the line, through its career services office. This can provide assistance to alumni in a number of ways, from helping you write a strong resume and coaching you for a successful interview to keeping you in the loop about job fairs and related events.

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