Don’t Let Pain Hold You Back

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Health

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If you’ve had neck or back pain, then you know that pain doesn’t get much worse than that. Your neck and your back play a role in virtually everything you do. Even minor pain can be incredibly irksome, and if things are more severe, neck pain can radiate into your head, causing headaches, and back pain can become so severe it can even be nauseating. Your neck and back are busy throughout the entire day.

White-collar, blue-collar, sitting, standing or lifting, neck and back pain can completely derail your daily routine, costing you time, money and happiness. Without treatment, things will likely only get worse. You need help with your pain, and the sooner the better. For a caring, knowledgeable back and neck pain doctor in Houston, you need to visit ACE Pain Management & Physical Therapy.

Custom Treatments, Designed for You

The specialists at ACE Pain Management are highly trained and skilled in diagnosing your pain, and they can design a treatment protocol tailored to your specific needs. ACE offers a variety of treatment options, from a properly managed medication program, to injection therapy, or other forms of minimally invasive procedures, along with physical therapy to rehabilitate neck and back injuries.

For some doctors, the solution to pain is to simply throw more drug prescriptions at the problem and hope for the best. Such dangerous practices can lead to dependence, addiction, or sometimes, even worse. That is not how we do things at ACE. While medication can certainly help to alleviate your pain, it is never a one-size-fits-all approach, and so an ACE specialist will design a proper medication management protocol specifically for you, to ensure your pain is dealt with in a safe and healthy way. The same can be said for our physical therapy services. We’ll rehabilitate your specific injury the right way, and get you healthy again.

Care, Compassion and Cost Savings

Treating your neck and back pain is important. It can change your life. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost you a fortune. Part of our mission at ACE Pain Management is providing the care and compassion that our patients need, at prices they can afford. No one should have to live with neck and back pain, and cost should never be the force preventing someone from seeking treatment for pain.

Customized Approach to Treatment — Highly Trained Specialists — Quality and Affordability

For a caring and compassionate neck and back pain doctor in Houston, trust ACE Pain Management & Physical Therapy to treat your pain. To learn more, visit our website at or email us at

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