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Dog Training Can Help Unruly Dogs in VA

Someone once said, “There are no bad dogs”. Well they might not be bad, but there are some pretty unruly dogs out there. You know the ones. The dogs that jump on people, won’t stay off the furniture, and chew everything they can get their paws on. As a responsible pet owner it is up to you to correct these bad behaviors. This can be accomplished by working with an experienced dog trainer.

Just like teaching a baby, puppy training should begin at an early age. When you attend classes for Dog Training VA, the trainer works with you and your puppy as a team. You learn the commands to give and your dog learns how to respond. If the dog obeys the command it is given a reward for good behavior. This helps to reinforce what the dog has learned.

When you take your puppy for Dog Training VA, he will learn to sit, stay, and heel. Dogs also need to learn boundaries. The best advice a dog trainer can give is don’t permit a dog to do something when it is a puppy that you don’t want it to do when the dog is grown. Don’t put the puppy on your couch if you don’t want it to sit on the furniture in the future. The same goes for letting the puppy sleep in bed with you. After you endure a few sleepless nights, it will learn that the crate is its sleeping quarters. Nothing is more annoying than entering a home only to have the family dog jump all over you. Puppies jump on people to get attention. If you pet them when they do this, they’ll think that it is ok. Instead, make the puppy sit before you pet it. One last piece of advice. It is natural for a puppy to chew, so give yours a chewy bone to satisfy this need. If you give him an old shoe to chew, the puppy doesn’t know the difference between your old sneakers and the extremely expensive new pair you just bought. They all taste the same to him.

It is important for a puppy to learn discipline so it will grow into a beloved companion and not a nuisance. Just don’t ever be cruel or do anything that will hurt the dog in the name of discipline.