Critical Care Provided for Pets with Neurological Needs

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Animal Health

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There are times when a pet needs a specific type of surgery. Perhaps your regular vet has determined that an animal suffers from epilepsy or even meningitis. These types of ailments require the services provided by a neurosurgeon. Veterinary neurosurgery in New York can be performed when specialists are recommended by your regular vet. They tend to know the neurological services offered and can point you in the direction best suited for the care of your pet. Quality care is essential when ailments of this type afflict defenseless animals.

Diagnoses and Treatments

As soon as an animal has been diagnosed, it is important that they receive treatment immediately. A referral from your pet’s regular vet is the best course of action. When taking a pet to see a neurologist for the first time, make sure you bring any and all information regarding the diagnosis given by the regular vet. This includes any medications, x-rays and documentation that shows the proof of ailment that can aid a veterinarian neurologist.

Types of Ailments that Require Neurological Attention

  • * Vestibular Disease
  • * Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • * CSF Analysis
  • * Encephalitis
  • * Myopathy
  • * Congenital Brain Disorders
  • * Spinal Disorders

Vital Care from Specialists

Once surgery has been scheduled it is important to stay in touch with your regular vet, as well. A specialist treats certain conditions through surgery to help give your pet a more fulfilling and healthy life. Even though these treatments and surgeries can be scary, it is important to make sure your pets receive the best care possible from friendly and reliable veterinarian surgeons. In some cases there may be no warning or symptoms that occur that tip off a pet owner about any health issues. Emergency care of this type is not unheard of either. It is a good idea to always have a backup vet or veterinarian hospital to depend upon.

Neurological Treatments

Surgical specialists with continuing education are the best choice when it comes to finding a professional specialist to care for a pet’s neurological needs. This field of medicine is always changing to incorporate new neurological treatments that may be less invasive than surgery. When it comes to keeping a pet safe and well, families need to find the best care possible.

The Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group offers prominent veterinary neurosurgery in New York. They are highly respected for the high quality surgical treatments and care that they provide.

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